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Upble, An Open Source PHP Business Review Script

Upble enables you build your business review website in minutes, written by the most popular web programming language PHP and released under MIT license.


  1. Business management, including editing, adding, deleting.

  2. User can rate and review businesses, and upload pictures for businesses

  3. Multiple Cities supported

  4. Google map supported

  5. Basic SNS, including activity feeds, following other user,profile, private message

You can get the latest code from github. This is the Demo Site for you to try out the front end features.

PHP 5.0+
Mysql 5.0+
Rewrite module enabled in your webserver such as Apache. A .htaccess file has been already included in the source code for Apache. If you use other webservers you may need to write your own rewrite rules to send all requests to the index.php.


  1. Upload all the source code files to your server, and import the db.sql file to your mysql database

  2. Go to application/config/ directory. edit database.php to provide your database information. Edit config.php, changes the url to your website's in the first line that contains "$config['base_url']" and ensure it ends with a "/"

  3. Visite your site. If everything goes alright, your site should say hello to you lovely.

  4. We've include an admin account for you by default with username: admin and password: 123456. After you get your site run successfully, login with this account and must change the password immediately. For security, We strongly recommend you disable this account after you set another account as an admin in the admin pannel under the user section.

  5. Also under the application/config/ directory, Open tank_auth.php to change the corresponding domain and email address for sending email to your users. Changing other settings to decide whether using recaptcha or requiring new registered users to activate their account via email

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